asked questions

Construction has commenced for our Sky Home development and we understand you might have a few questions regarding this project.  

How long will the demolition process take?

The demolition process is complete and we will soon be commencing construction. We have proceeded cautiously to ensure we make the site safe and brace the existing heritage façade, which will be retained, conserved and integrated into the development for upcoming retail and commercial use.

How long will the construction process take?

We have received a Building Permit and construction is due to commence in July 2021. Completion expected mid 2023.

Will this affect the local area or cause any inconveniences for residence of the area?

We have recently hoarded the Beaufort Street and Normanby road frontages which has slightly compromised but not precluded pedestrian movement.

The basement of the development has been designed for the most sensitive form of construction, with carefully excavated diaphragm walls and augured piles, eliminating vibration which is otherwise created by sheet piling.

Once the perimeter foundation walls and piles are installed, the ground slab will be placed before the basement is excavated from underneath it. The benefit to this process is that it not only reduces the construction period that would otherwise apply to a traditional build-from-the-base approach. We are also conscious of excess dust so in saying that this process also removes the usual haste associated with loading out the spoil, making for more safer and more management truck movements.

Will the building works create noise and disturbances?

As with all new construction, the impact of noise, delivered and the necessary labour force is unfortunately unavailable however we respect the regulations that limit the house of work and we will operate within these guidelines.

We have specifically opted to use a tower crane which will help speed up construction and allow delivered to be managed from dedicated locations. The building wraps around a central void, so there will be ample space for storage and amenities away from the street interfaces. Once the basement has been created, there will be significant amount of space for storage and some on-site parking during the back half of construction.

Is the current building historically significant?

The shopfronts make a positive contribution to the Inglewood Heritage Protection Area and the Beaufort Street streetscape as a relatively intact example of a strip of traditional shops constructed in the immediate Post-War period.

The style of commercial development and housing along the street varies reflecting the changing fashions in architectural styles and the changing economic conditions, from the early 1900s to the 1950s. Closer to Walcott Street the traditional styles are more elaborate and detailed, reflecting the Federation architectural styles and prosperity of the Gold Rush. The Inglewood portion of Beaufort Street was developed primarily from the Inter-War period and is primarily characterised by strips of simple single-storey Inter-War and immediate Post-War shops. These styles are more modest and stripped back compared to their Federation counterparts further south along Beaufort Street, reflecting the more constrained economic conditions and the shift away from ornamentation.

How are we maintaining the history and heritage of the building?

The four shopfronts on the land of our development are in the Inglewood Heritage Protection Area (HPA). Although they are not entered in the Heritage List in their own right, the HAP is significant because the area is a good example of a highly intact residential area close to the city characterised by typical homes occupied by the working people of Perth from the early 1900s and 1950s.

The single storey shops located at number 945 and 947 Beaufort Street make a positive contribution to the Inglewood Heritage Protection Area and the Beaufort Street streetscape as a relatively intact example of a strip of traditional shops constructed in the immediate Post-War period. By retaining the traditional shops we maintaining the heritage values of the area, where in the HPAs they are important contributors to the local character and community’s sense of place.

Are there any key features of the old building that we are saving – will these be used in the new building?

Yes, we are saving three entire shopfronts and the suspended awning over the footpath. Their doors, frame, and some of the decorative glass will be retained and their shape and form.

One shopfront will be deconstructed and reconstructed on the same location, in the same shape and format. Bricks will be carefully removed, marked and numbered in order to return with them in the same location and position.

Did we answer all your questions? If not, feel free to get in contact with us on (08) 9483 0000 7 days a week!